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Zakkary Johnson Memorial Play Place

Miracle League ball field and Universal Design Playground at Zachary Playfield.

The City of Plymouth recognizes the need for recreational amenities for all Plymouth community members and is pleased to partner with the Zakkary Johnson Memorial Fund, Cre8Play and the Plymouth Community Foundation to turn this dream into a reality.

All partners involved agree that the addition of a Miracle League ball
field and Universal Design Playground will greatly enhance the Zachary Playfield facility and more importantly the lives of those in our community. The site is one of the community's more active and well utilized parks, however it currently does nothing to address those with disabilities. The existing site has four regular sized baseball fields, two softball fields, two rectangular fields, four tennis courts, a basketball court, paved outdoor hockey rink, concessions, picnic areas and much more. The addition of play experiences to address children with disabilities will be a positive addition to a great play space and fulfill an unmet need in Plymouth and the surrounding area. Adults and children who suffer from physical or mental disabilities will have a place they will feel welcomed.


The Universal Accessible Play Environment − will replace the current playground which was built in 2000. Like all playgrounds in Plymouth, the current playground meets the bare minimum requirements for ADA accessibility. The new play environment will go far beyond the standards and will challenge children with disabilities in many unique ways as well as take them to new heights (literally). Cre8Play is well versed in immersive and inclusive design. The playground will attract children and families from all around the community and state. The park is estimated to attract 9,000 to 10,000 visitors each year.

The Miracle League Ball Field − will compliment the current full- sized ballfields. Although built to meet the needs of disabled youth, the field can be expanded upon for a variety of other programs. The Plymouth league anticipates 3-4 teams of league play the first year. Each teammate would have one “buddy” who is an able-bodied child or adult to help the child or adult with disability through the game. Miracle League fields attract over 1,300 visitors each year (players, buddies and families).

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